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1. Register your account 2. Create your company 3. Invite new members 4. Create a project 5. Upload plans 6. Add tasks and markups

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Navigation toolbar Accessing your personal settings Easily switch between projects & stages Page numbers and items per page Item Actions icon Grid view & list view Flyout menu Sort & select Search & filter Turn categories on/off Project translations ...
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Plan upload Plan Upload with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Working Set Current Set Deliveries & Approvals


Add and manage your tasks Task types Add tasks to a meeting Generate PDF and XLS task reports


Create new meeting Add topics, tasks and groups Meeting status Follow up Meeting reports


Create specification of ready-made products from the catalog Create specifications from scratch Add manufacturer and representative Translate specification content Edit/add attributes, instructions, price, images and files Add product drawings Link two or more specifications Copy specification Add more options of the product/specification Choose the main specification among options Filter specifications Publish specifications on project / Deliver to current set Create specification book / Print specifications Check all deliveries Check (not) approved deliveries Products and materials classification system ...
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Add company brands Add product/part Enter product in more languages Manage categories, groups and subgroups Edit/add attribute groups Edit/add attributes Custom attribute types Create own attributes group template Edit/add product instructions Define product price Discontinue the product Add files and images Link/unlink part from the product Publish/unpublish product/part from publish catalog Enable/disable edit mode Filter products Search brands and products Add product to the project Copy product/part ...
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How can I change my company member’s role? How can I add someone outside my company to collaborate on my projects? Who can upload documents and plans? Who can add tasks and comment on them? Why can’t I create new projects? How do I switch between stages on a project? Why can’t I edit project properties and add new stages and disciplines? Can I be part of more than one team on the same project? Who can see my plans? How can I upload a new version of a plan? How can I see an old version of a plan? Can I measure something on a plan? Why can’t I open a plan in Plan Upload? Can I delete plans in Plan Upload? What is the difference between Working Set and Current Set? Can I delete plans from Working Set/Current Set? What is a delivery? Why are some plans visible in the Current Set and some aren’t after a delivery? Why can’t I deliver a plan that has already been delivered? Who can be an approver on the project? Who can add a task? Who can close a task? Is it possible to comment or make changes on a task, when a task is closed or approved? Is it possible to filter tasks? Can I track task history? Can I move a task onto a plan? Can I print and export task lists? Who can I add outside my company to collaborate on my projects? How can I download a plan? ...
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Upcoming Features

Project templates Downloading plans with markups Downloading plan lists as pdf Adding tasks that are n/a on a plan after they are created Duplicating existing tasks