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How can I change my company member’s role?

Go to Companies & Users > My Company Members and change role in the drop-down menu next to the member name. The default role that the member gets with the invitation is the user role. To change their role on a specific project, go to Project Settings > Teams and change a role in the drop-down menu next to the member name. The default role on a project is the viewer.

How can I add someone outside my company to collaborate on my projects?

You can add someone outside your company to the project. To add someone, first, go to the Project Settings section, then Teams. Click the Add New button in the upper right corner. You can select a Team or Team Members. If you choose Team, it means you are creating a new team hence a new discipline. When you click on Team, a window will appear in which you can choose whether you want to select a predefine discipline or create a custom discipline (this is used in case your discipline is not viable in the predefined disciplines). Also, you need to choose a company that is responsible for that discipline. You can select an existing company or invite a new company. If you select Team Members when you click Add New, a window will appear in which you must select the discipline (team) to which you want that member to belong. From the drop-down menu you can select all users from your company or partner companies. Also, in the search icon you can write an email of a person you want as a member (can be outside your company), and he will receive an email inviting him to join Volum3 and your team.

Who can upload documents and plans?

All members of the company with the role of an editor can upload documents and plans. To upload documents, go to File Manager, and then click Upload New File. To upload plans, go to Plans, then Plan Upload and click Upload Plans. In the window that opens, you can drop the file or select it from your computer.

Who can add tasks and comment on them?

All members of the company with an editor role can add task and leave a comment. To add tasks, go to Tasks and click Create New Task. A window will appear in which you can enter the type, date and time, title, description, assignee, followers, and image. To comment on a task, click the task and in the window that appears, go to Add Comment.

Why can’t I create new projects?

Only company owners and admins can create new projects. To find out more, go to User Roles. To create a new project, click on the + Create New Project in the upper right corner. A creation wizard will appear, asking you to enter the required information. There are four sections you need to fill out: project propertiesproject image (not required), initial stage, and initial team. Follow the instructions step by step. All projects must have a unique number and title. You can edit all entered data in Project Settings.

How do I switch between stages on a project?

You can select your stage from the drop-down menu on top of the screen. To see the drop-down menu, you need to be in Project and then Stages.

Why can’t I edit project properties and add new stages and disciplines?

You must be a project administrator in order to edit project properties and add new stages and disciplines. For more information, go to User Roles. To edit project properties, go to Projects and Project Properties. A window with general information about your project will appear and you can edit it. To add new stages, go to Project, then Stages, and click Create New Stage. To add a new discipline, go to Teams and click Add New. In the window that appears, click Team, and then click Custom Discipline. You can now create your own discipline with a name and code.

Can I be part of more than one team on the same project?

Yes, you can be part of more than one team on the same project.

Who can see my plans?

In the Plan Upload, editors from your team can see your plans, and in the Working Set, your entire team can see your plans. All teams added on the project can see them once you deliver them to the Current Set.

How can I upload a new version of a plan?

To upload a new version of a plan, go to Plans, and then click Working set. Click the Item Action button of the plan in which you want to upload a new version, and then click Plan Properties. A window will open with Properties, Versions, Files, and History sections. Go to the Versions section and drag and drop the file or select from your computer.

How can I see an old version of a plan?

To view the old version of the plan, you must first go to the Plan and the Working Set section. Open the plan and click on the Compare Tool button and select the old version you want to see. To download the old version, you must first open the plan and click on the Plan Properties. When the window appears, click the Versions section. When you find the version you want to download, click the cloud button, and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Can I measure something on a plan?

Yes, you can measure something on a plan using the tools available on the toolbar that appears when you open the plan. Use tools like a line or a shape to make a measurement. When you click the created line or shape, it will show the  exact dimensions. In case you don't need lines created, click the arrow Select, then select the line and click the Delete icon that appears below the toolbar.

Why can’t I open a plan in Plan Upload?

To view and open your plan, go to the Working Set.The Plan Upload section only serves to upload plans, edit plan properties, and publish them in the next section, which is the Working Set. In the Plan Upload section, you can only see an overview of your plan on the menu that appears when the plan is clicked. You can perform all actions related to the plan in the Working Set.

Can I delete plans in Plan Upload?

Yes, you can delete plans in the Plan Upload section. To delete it, click the Item Actions icon on the left side of the page next to the plan you want to delete, and then click the Delete icon. You can also delete it when you click on the plan and click on the Delete icon that you will see on the menu that appears.

What is the difference between Working Set and Current Set?

The Working Set is intended primarily for your company's team, and the Current Set for all teams on the project. In the Working Set, you can compare plans, created many versions of the same plan, and compare versions. In the Current Set, you should send (publish) the latest version of the plan, which will be visible to all users on the project. The version of the plan in the Current Set is considered to be the final version currently in use.

Can I delete plans from Working Set/Current Set?

No, you can't delete plans from the Current and Working Set. You can only cancel plans if they are no longer in use and upload a new plan. Otherwise, it would be difficult to keep track of the plans for all the users involved. If you want to cancel the plan, go to the Working Set, click on the plan, go to Plan Properties, and in the Status section, select canceled from the drop-down menu. The plan will get the seal PLAN CANCELED. This action cannot be undone. You cannot cancel in the Current Set, but you can submit a new version of the plan.

What is a delivery?

Delivery is the action you perform in the Working Set to send your plans to the Current Set. It represents the action that your plan is ready, and you want to send it to the Current Set so that everybody can see it and use it as the current final version. To create a Delivery, in the Working Set, check the box next to the plan you want to deliver and select the icon Create Delivery. A window will appear in which you can add your plan to New delivery or Add to delivery (which already exists in drafts). If no approvers are assigned, the plan goes directly to the Current Set and is visible to everyone on the project. In case there is an assigned approver, ie a person who has to review the plan, the plan will go to the Current Set after the approval is given. For more info, go to Deliveries & Approvals.

Why are some plans visible in the Current Set and some aren’t after a delivery?

In case there is an assigned approver, ie a person who has to review the plan, the plan will go to the Current Set after the approval is given. If your plans are not in the Current Set, they may be pending or rejected. If this is the case, they will not be visible in your Current Set. Go to Deliveries, to check plan status.

Why can’t I deliver a plan that has already been delivered?

You cannot deliver a plan that has already been delivered to make it easier to keep track of plan changes. Otherwise, it would create confusion. Once sent, all involved users can see it. Any new changes must go through the delivery process again.

Who can be an approver on the project?

The role of approver can be assigned to anyone added on the project by the project admin, and with the role of editor.The approver reviews the plans and decides whether the plan is approved or rejected. In case the plan is approved, it proceeds to the Current Set. If it is rejected, you can make changes and resubmit it to the approver. 

Who can add a task?

Tasks can add project administrators and project editors. To add the task, go to Tasks section, and click Create New Task. A window will appear in which you can write the task title, description, duration, type, task priority, assignees, and followers. Notification will be sent to all assignees and followers of the task.

Who can close a task?

Tasks can be closed by project administrators and project editors.To close a task, click the task, and in the window that opens, go to Status and select CLOSED from the drop-down menu.

Is it possible to comment or make changes on a task, when a task is closed or approved?

No, it is not possible to edit a task with a closed status. To edit a task, you must change its status. Click the task and change the status of the task from CLOSED to REOPENED in the displayed window. Once the task is reopened, it is possible to comment and make changes.

Is it possible to filter tasks?

Yes, it is possible to filter tasks. To filter tasks, click the filter icon in the upper right corner. A small window will appear in which you can filter tasks by assignee, status, priority, visibility, start and due date, creation date, last changed, tags, a person created, discipline, and meeting (click the checkbox). You can also filter your tasks in the submenu on the left side of the screen in the section Tasks.

Can I track task history?

Yes, you can view the task history. Click on the task, and in the menu that appears, click the History section. You'll see all the changes made to the task from the last update to the first update.

Can I move a task onto a plan?

Yes, you can. To add tasks to the plan, go to Plans, and then Working Set. Open the plan and click the Add Task icon in the toolbar on the left. A small window will open in which you can choose to Create a new task or Select an existing task. If you select Choose an existing task, you will be able to select from all tasks you have in that project.

Can I print and export task lists?

You can export the task list to Excel and in PDF. Select the task and click Export task list to Excel icon. The Excel file will be downloaded to your computer. To get the PDF version, select the task, and click the Generate Report icon. You will receive an email with a link to download the PDF.

Who can I add outside my company to collaborate on my projects?

To collaborate on a project, members outside your company must be members of your partner companies. If they are new to Volum3, you can send them an invitation to join Volum3 by going to All Companies and invite them by clicking the Plus icon (+). Once they accept your invitation, you will be able to add them to your partner companies, and they will automatically be listed as your partner member. If they are already Volum3 users, you can add them to your partner companies, and they will be listed as your partner member. You need to have admin rights to add members.

How can I download a plan?

To download the plan, go to the Current Set and click the plan you need. In the flyout menu, select the cloud icon next to the version you want to download. The file will download to your computer in PDF format. You can also download your plan by clicking the Item Action icon and then the Download the latest plan revision cloud icon.