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I agree 2023: Discover Efficiency with VOLUM3!

22 September 2023

The largest regional Fair of Architecture and Construction,, will take place this year from September 26 to October 1, 2023, at the Zagreb Fair, located at Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 10020, Zagreb.

Improve your ESG rating with VOLUM3

24 August 2023

Starting January 2024, companies will be required to include standardized digital reports in their annual statements, detailing their material impact and risks throughout the value chain. The new reporting rules on corporate sustainability will apply to all large companies in the European Union and non-EU companies that have subsidiaries operating within the EU.

Game-changing CDE solution in VOLUM3

24 August 2023

Implementing a CDE solution, VOLUM3 can guarantee data security and compliance. The risk of unauthorized access, data loss, or version control issues is minimized by user permissions and access controls.

Designing an electric hypercar campus for Rimac

30 June 2023

In an international competition for architects to design the Rimac Campus, Croatian architectural firm Studio 3LHD swept the competition. Their idea of a futuristic campus which embodies Rimac's key values: speed, balance, growth, family and openness won over the investors, laying the foundation for the project to start in 2021.

Collaboration platform for project management

15 June 2023

VOLUM3 collaboration platform represents an innovation in construction project management. Its modules are digital versions of actual work processes. The platform is intended for everyone participating in the investment planning, designing, construction process, and facility management, on projects of various scales.