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Release 2023/10 no.2

AREA / Import / Import XLS file

With VOLUM3, you can easily import areas from an Excel spreadsheet and streamline the scheduling process. To get started, we've prepared a template with all the necessary columns, ensuring your schedule aligns seamlessly with our platform's requirements. You can download this template.

This template serves as your starting point, making it easier than ever to organize your data. This means you can generate and export your Excel schedule directly from your preferred BIM software, saving you valuable time and effort.

The following steps will guide you through the process:

Step 1: Create an Area Table in Excel with the required columns

Step 2: Save the Excel File

Step 3: Import the Excel File into VOLUM3

Step 4: Match columns for alignment

Step 5: Unselect specific rows for import

Step 6: Import Data into VOLUM3 and review all errors

Orange: Missing data - Data items cannot be empty; these fields are mandatory and must not be left blank.
Purple: Duplicate data - These are duplicate data items, meaning each cell in this column must have unique values. Please review and remove duplicates.
Red: Invalid data - Data with an invalid format cannot be imported. Please review the data format to ensure it corresponds with the selected column, such as numbers, dates, etc.

Step 8: Import Corrected Excel File into VOLUM3

Step 9: Import Areas into VOLUM3

For more detailed steps on how to import an area from an Excel file into VOLUM3, please refer to our HELP section for further guidance.

By following these steps, you can efficiently import area data, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your project management.


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Add multiple room in Quantities

Manually linking rooms to specification quantities one by one can be time-consuming. 

To expedite this process, we've introduced a new feature called "Select Areas." This feature allows you to effortlessly add and edit multiple rooms directly within the Quantities table. If you decide to remove areas from the selection, VOLUM3 will provide a warning regarding any quantity changes. 

The outcome is improved efficiency and transparency for architects, contractors, and investors.


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Area chooser button in Quantities

In the upper right corner of the Area chooser, we have introduced two new buttons: "Expand" and “Clear.”

If you've selected the wrong area and need to remove it, simply click the "Clear" button. This action will keep the quantity unchanged; only the selected area (room) will be removed, allowing you to make a new selection.
By clicking the "Expand" button in the Area chooser, you will be able to view all levels, including individual rooms. By default, the chooser only displays the first three levels: plot, building, and floor, with rooms collapsed.


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / PDF print redesign

In the Working Set, we've enhanced the PDF print feature for improved clarity. Now, when you print a PDF, you will find the Room code displayed before the Room name in the quantity table.



-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/10


PRODUCT CATALOG / Working & Current set / Unit

From now on, units are mandatory when creating Specification from the Product Catalog. 


SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / quantity and linked quantity table

Quantities table in the specification flyout has been updated with the new design. 

In the Quantities table, we have introduced a new column, Subtotal, which is the result of multiplying the Area count (number of similar rooms) by the Quantity (number of specifications per room).

We’ve improved the Linked spec. tab with a table that helps you keep track of specifications that are linked to this one (parent).

If the Linked Specifications should be included in the price of the Parent specification, select the “included in price” checkbox. This means that the purchase amount will be included in the parent specification.

We added a table with an overview of all parent specifications that contain this specification. This table is not editable but can be expanded and contracted.

Parent specification - the central reference point of all linked specifications

Linked specification - a specification that has been used on the Parent Specification. The same Linked Specifications can be utilized in multiple Parent Specifications.

Count - a multiplier that shows how often a Linked Specification appears within a Parent Specification. 

Quantity - the measurement to which a specification is utilized. 

Unit - a standardized measurement used to describe quantity depending on the specification. 

Subtotal - the result of multiplying the area count by the quantity.

Area Count - the number of times a specific room type or a specific area is repeated within the project.


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / PDF print

Specification PDF print has been updated with the new Quantities table.

Everything that is visible in the Working Set Quantities table on the specification flyout will be printed in PDF.



SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / quantity area count

Provisional Areas can now be created directly in the Quantities table. You can manually enter the Area Count to indicate how many times this room type is present in your project.


-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/08


NOTIFICATIONS / Optimization and Search feature

Through continuous upgrades, we are dedicated to optimizing each module and ensuring a seamless workflow across the entire platform. The first step in this process involved enhancing the notifications system. To expedite the loading process, information is pulled directly from the cache, providing real-time updates. Whether you're searching, filtering, or changing pages, there is no delayed loading.

We have implemented a robust search feature using Typesense, enabling effortless navigation through hundreds of notifications. Find the desired information with remarkable speed and accuracy.

This optimization is just the initial phase of upcoming incredible updates that will be applied to other modules such as Specifications, Plans, and Tasks. Be sure to keep an eye on our Changelog to stay updated on these upcoming upgrades.


-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/04 no.3


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Unit

To provide a more explicit specification definition, it is now mandatory to input information in the Unit field when creating a new one.


TASK / Flyout tab files / Files

To enhance clarity, we've made changes to the design of the File tab on Tasks.

Next to the file, you can now see its size and the user who uploaded it, displayed with an avatar that includes a tooltip of users name. 

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Files

The process of uploading files to a specification has been made simpler with the implementation of a multiple copy & paste function. You can easily paste any kind of file and manually reorder thumbnails using the “Drag and drop” option.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Instructions

Project instructions are renamed into Item description, a text box designed for general information about the specification. The description you enter in the input field can be up to ten thousand characters and will also be included in the PDF printout.


-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/04 no.2


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Upload files

The file upload process has been improved in the specifications, making it simpler and more efficient. You can now upload or paste multiple files simultaneously and select file categories using a dropdown menu. 

Clicking the upload button, files are automatically grouped into their corresponding categories based on your selection. In the event of a miscategorization, you can easily modify the file category.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Team's logo on PDF print 

VOLUM3 now prints each responsible team's logo on PDF specifications, instead of only the project creator's logo. To change the responsible team, you can use the specification flyout.


-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/04


SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Multiple specifications copy

To save time and avoid rewriting specifications from scratch, we added a new feature that allows you to copy multiple specifications from one project and/or stage to another. If there is a specification with the same code on target stage, you will have two options: 

- Skip (ignore) copying that specification 
- Overwrite (replace) the existing target specification with the copied one, which then becomes the main specification (former specification will become an option)

In the second step of the VOLUM3 copy specifications, wizard allows you to choose whether or not to copy linked specifications. If you choose to copy them, VOLUM3 will automatically copy all the linked specifications and maintain the links between them in the target project.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Linked specification tab redesign 

For easier use, we have improved the design of the linked specifications tab.

Each linked specification now features thumbnail previews with tooltips, editable quantities per linked specification, and specification titles that function as hyperlinks. 
A second row has also been added for optional descriptions.

We have added a new "Included in price" checkbox to the VOLUM3 linked specifications feature. This allows you to distinguish between specifications that will be purchased separately and those that will be included in the price of the linked specification.

IMAGES / Comments, Tasks, Meetings, Plans, Specifications / Thumbnail and tooltip for images

We have added a thumbnail preview for images on tasks, meetings, plans and specifications so you don’t have to open each one individually. If you want to take a closer look, you can hover over the thumbnail and the image will expand.

TASK / Comment box / Send button redesign

When the send button is colored gray, it indicates that the comment is missing text and it cannot be sent. By entering the text, the button turns blue and allows you to send your comment and images.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Instructions

To increase clarity, we have relocated the Project instructions to the top of the instructions tab and in PDF print.


-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/03 no.3


TASKS / Comment box / New multiple paste feature

The new multiple paste functionality enables easy copying of several different files and directly pasting them (CTRL+V) to a new task, task comment or to a meeting. 

When adding images to a comment, a thumbnail image will automatically be displayed, making it easier to identify images at a glance.

After sending a comment, you can edit its content for the next 15 minutes.


-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/03 no.2


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Thumbnails auto-generated by VOLUM3

In the next couple of days, all specifications without a thumbnail will be updated with an image created from the attached PDF drawing.

Specifications that already have a thumbnail will not be affected.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Thumbnails 

To add a thumbnail image to a new or existing specification, simply upload a PDF drawing and VOLUM3 will automatically create an image from the PDF’s first page.

For each PDF drawing you upload on the specification drawings tab VOLUM3 will generate Thumbnail Image from the first page of each PDF. You can manually reorder the images using the “Drag & drop”. When you place the image on the far left position, it will be used as a specification thumbnail.

Note: If you remove the PDF, the thumbnail will stay. Editing the thumbnail image can be done in the Images tab, under Thumbnails, or when in the Properties tab.

You can delete a thumbnail image with the Delete thumbnail option in the Properties tab.

To delete all thumbnail images, simply go to the Thumbnails category of the Images tab. To see the delete button simply hover over an image.

NOTE: The thumbnail will not be updated automatically in the Current set, only after sending the specification by delivery.



-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/03


SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Quantity - Area Room Type

We upgraded the process of allocating a specification to an area. You can now connect a specification to a room type (ex. Standard room, King suite, etc) instead of connecting it one room at a time. 

Room type is a group of rooms of the same type and it’s usually used in hospitality projects: 

To add a specification to the area you need to use an area chooser

All available rooms are listed under the corresponding floors. Be aware that rooms belonging to a certain “room type” will be displayed in grey. Specifications cannot be added directly to these rooms but should be added to the “room type” they belong to. 

All available room types can be found in the area chooser under the "room type" tab.
Specification added to room type will automatically be added to all rooms belonging to that type. Area count indicates how many areas the specification has been added to in one instance, e.g. Bathroom type A (4)

Area count multiplied by the Quantity and by the Price represents the Subtotal of that instance.

SPECIFICATIONS / PDF / Quantities table redesign

Specification PDF print has been updated with the new Quantities table design. Everything you see (and create) in the quantities table specification flyout is perfectly aligned in PDF print.

VOLUM3 / Filters / Redesigned filters

All dropdown filters in VOLUM3 have been slightly redesigned.

The CLEAR filter is now available as a separate button on the right side while the PIN icon has been moved to the top left corner of the dropdown to make it more visible.

To deactivate a specific filter, you can now click on the CLEAR button within that filter's dropdown. This will remove that filter from your selection. If you want to clear all filters at once, you can click the CLEAR ALL button.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Properties filters

We have reorganized the specification Properties filters to make them more accessible and user-friendly.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Room type filters

We have added a Room type filter that allows you to narrow down your specification list based on the type of room you are looking for.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Area Filters & Include hierarchy

To increase clarity we have changed the design of filters which have a hierarchical structure like plot, building, and floor.

From now on include a hierarchy (switch button) is located at the bottom of the filter dropdown.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Print PDF

In order to monitor the expenses associated with each specification and its instances, we have integrated the price and the sum into the Quantities table of the Working set specification PDF print.


-minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2023/02


VOLUM3 automatically adds the most important Specification Instructions & saves you time!

To improve your experience, you can easily select and add predefined Specification Instructions provided by System, use any specification instruction made by your Company's team, customize it, or create your own

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Instructions

Specification instructions are a set of guidelines that play a critical role in architecture and design, ensuring that all elements meet the necessary standards and requirements for quality, performance, and functionality.

Specification Instructions are available in the specification flyout under the Instructions tab.

When you want to add a New instruction, select the category from the drop-down menu and enter the instruction text. By clicking Done, the instruction will be added to the Specification instructions, under the selected category. 

When you want to add a Predefined Instruction, the Subgroup smart filter will be activated and will list only instructions that were used by your company on specifications with the same subgroup. 

If you want to filter the instructions further, you can use Type and Category or clear the filters to show all available instructions.

Filter instructions by Type and select System or your Company instructions.

Filter instructions by Category using predefined System categories*, such as General, Installation, Coordination, etc.

*SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Create new specification 

When creating a new specification in the Working set, predefined System Instructions will be added automatically from chosen Specification Category and Subgroup.


It's possible to select multiple instructions and add them at once. They will be added to the specification flyout and categorized accordingly. 

It is possible to reorder instructions within the category in the specification flyout by using the drag & drop option. You can reorder the instruction categories in the same way.

You can remove instructions from the specifications Instructions. When you hover over the instruction with your mouse, click on the remove button (X icon) appearing on the right side.

You can edit any of your Company instructions by clicking on the edit (pen icon) appearing on the right side of the instruction. 

It is not possible to edit System Instructions.


UPDATE ALL - The Update all option will change existing instructions and should be used with caution, as it will apply changes to all instances of the instructions on your company specifications. 

CREATE NEW - If only one specific instruction needs to be changed, it is recommended to use the Create new option, which will create a new version of the instruction, preserving the original.

SAVE AS MY COMPANY INSTRUCTION - If you would like the new version to be visible and available to your colleagues, save the instruction as your Company instruction. 

All instructions added to a specification will be printed in PDF and follow the order respectively. All changes will be recorded in the History tab.

Specification Project instructions

Enter project-specific instructions in the Project Instructions text box. These instructions will not be visible for other projects. Such instructions should include information relevant only to the specific project, e.g. specific materials or parts,  special installation requirements.

NOTE: Changes made on Specification Instructions are not immediately visible in the Current set. To update the specification in the Current set it is necessary to send a delivery.



-minor bug fixes


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Release 2023/01 no.2


Find out the Total specifications cost in just a few clicks. 

Use smart filters for cost reports per area, supplier, or brand - all values are automatically calculated.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Total

On the right side of the page footer, you can view the Total value of active* specifications in the Working set. 

*Only the value of active specifications is calculated in Total - the value of canceled specifications can be visible when filtered.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Total filtered

When you filter Working set specifications using any of the available filters, e.g. Manufacturer, Responsible User, Buildings, Tag, etc., the results will preview the value of filtered specifications*. 

Percentage shows the influence of filtered specifications on the Total specifications cost. 

  *The values are visible only in the Working set specifications since they are only cost estimates.


                     NOTE: Total & Total filtered values are available only in the list view.


SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Filters 

You can filter the specifications by Manufacturer, Brand, Representative, or Representative contact in the Working and Current set.

When filtering in the Working set, you can easily find out the cost* per each group.

*The values are visible only in the Working set since they are only cost estimates.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Area filters 

You can filter specifications by Area filters - Sites, Buildings, Storeys, Rooms, or Zones - in both the Working & Current sets and easily find all allocated specifications.

When filtering in the Working set, you can view the cost* per each area.

*The values are visible only in the Working set since they are only cost estimates.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working & Current set / Filters - Include hierarchy 

In VOLUM3, specifications can be assigned to spatial hierarchy, which includes areas such as site, building, storey, and a single room

For example, to filter and retrieve all specifications associated with a specific building, you can use the "Include hierarchy" toggle button while filtering by the Buildings option. This toggle is turned on (green) by default and includes every specification that belongs to the building, along with everything in its hierarchy, such as storeys and rooms.

However, turning off the "Include hierarchy" toggle (red) will limit the result to only the specifications associated directly with the building, without considering any of its hierarchy. Specifications associated with storeys and rooms nested within the building hierarchy will not be included in the result.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Total, Total filtered, and Percentage

Three numbers can be found in the lower right corner of the Working Set screen. The first represents the total value of all specifications, the second shows the total value of filtered specifications, and the third displays the percentage of filtered specifications in relation to the overall cost of all specifications.

AREA / Rooms, Room Type, Room Group, Zones / Requirements

You can add special area requirements, up to 2000 characters, when editing Rooms to Zones areas in the Area Module.


- minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2023/01


Want to have confidence in your project budget? 

Specifying and budgeting projects of any scale is much easier using VOLUM3. Create & organize functional spaces using Area Module*. Track the budget cost per room, zone, or building - all in a single app. Enter specification quantity per area and see how it affects the total budget. All prices and quantity changes are automatically calculated.

*Area module allows you to create several types of areas depending on the project, from single rooms to zones (e.g. wellness, restaurant, or accommodation), storeys, or separate buildings.

SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Quantities

Specification quantity per area is available in the specification flyout under the Quantities tab.

After selecting an area and entering quantities, the total amount is automatically calculated.

All changes will be recorded in the History tab.

Specification calculations with area and quantities can be printed in a specification PDF print.

Specification prices are available only for your team in the Working set, they are not transferred to the Current set.


SPECIFICATIONS / Working set / Specification status changed 

As of today, you can simply cancel or (re)activate a Working set specification by changing the specification status.

When canceling the specification, a warning message will appear with important information.

To easily distinguish active from canceled specifications, the visual presentation has also been refined.

                             Active specification                                             Canceled specification             

Working with specifications has been significantly improved using smart filters which show only active specifications by default, while canceled specifications are shown on demand. 

All status changes will be recorded in the History tab.

The status of a canceled specification will be included in the specification PDF header (Specification Canceled) and in the Revisions table.

To cancel/(re)activate a specification in the Current set it is necessary to make a delivery and all included parties will be notified.

SPECIFICATIONS / Notifications / Changed specification status

When a specification status changes you will receive by default an in-app notification (the bell) and an e-mail notification (optional, you can change this in the Notification settings).


PLANS / Notifications / File added to a Plan

When a file is added to a plan, an in-app notification (the bell) and an e-mail notification (optional) will be received by:

          - all discipline members when a file has been added to a Working set plan,

          - all stage members when a file has been added to a Current set plan



- minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/11 no.2



In the notification list, a tooltip above the "triggered by" column now indicates the name of the user followed by the company name “name surname (company)”.


All canceled meetings, tasks, or plans will be hidden by default and shown when marked in the associated filters.


When in product flyout, you can contact the product representative to get more information.


When editing a specification with the source My Company / My Partners Companymanufacturer and representative fields can be left blank ( — ).

By choosing the edit specification in catalog option, previously selected product attributes will be remembered - this option allows several different outcomes:

            - if a new specification should be used, 

                                                  - a specification with a unique new code, or

            - if existing specification code should be used,

                                                  - the specification will be added as a new option (main),

                                                  - the specification will be added as a new option,   

                                                  - the specification will be replaced upon editing.

Note: This option will have effect only on specifications made after the current VOLUM3 update!

When adding a specification to delivery, all linked specifications can be joined by choosing the add linked specifications button.


- minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/11



You can upload multiple files at once to a plan (option already in use on tasks/meetings).

It is possible to “DELETE” uploaded plans in the Working set if they still haven’t been sent to the Current set (this action will completely erase selected plans; plan code will be available).

Note: Deletion is not the same as canceling a plan - a canceled plan permanently occupies the selected plan CODE.



When editing in the Working set, adding/removing a “TAG” to/from a specification will be automatically updated in the Current set (no need to make a specification revision on that account - all other editings will require a specification revision).


- minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/10 no.2



When editing the “My Company Members” list, it is possible to cancel all invitations under the “pending” status.


You can upload multiple files at once to a meeting or a task.


A GO-TO button WEB LINK on a product/specification flyout will open the product web page in a new tab (no more long URL links under product attributes).


- minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/10



All files attached to a task from now on can be downloaded with a click of a button.


When editing a plan during the Plan upload or in the Working set, it is possible to link a plan to a specific area under the plan properties tab (area).

When in the Current set, the Working set, or the Plan upload, easily search for plans linked to a specific area by using smart filters.


To easier differentiate the Main option of a specification from other option(s), the specification type is implied.

It is not possible to add an option to a Delivery (the option needs to be changed to the Main option of the specification).

When creating a new delivery, mixing specifications created by different teams/disciplines is not possible (if selected in previous steps, specifications from other teams/disciplines will be instantly removed from the specification list).

If a specification among the listed is marked red, a tooltip indicates the issue - simply remove the specification from the list by clicking on the “X” and proceed with creating a delivery (upon editing the specifications you removed, add them to an existing delivery)

Tooltips, when the specification is marked red, can indicate that:

     This specification has not been marked as ready for delivery

     This specification already belongs to a delivery

     Only the main option of the specification can be delivered

Note - if you choose to cancel, all selected data will be lost and you will have to start creating your delivery from scratch



- minor bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/09



When creating a task, the duration will be set as All day by default. If a specific time of day is needed, deselecting the checkbox opens the time picker.

When you want to remove the start and due date from the task you can use the Clear date button.


When creating a Meeting Follow-up, Meeting followers, tags and footnotes will be copied in the Follow-up Meeting.


- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/07


E-mail notifications digest

Using VOLUM3 on a large project with multiple teams and users can produce quite a lot of notifications and emails in your inbox. To make your project activity tracking easier we created a new digest feature that you can manually adapt to your own preferences.

Digest email means you'll receive a single email bundling up all the notifications about new activities that happened in the last 24 hours. That makes digest a great way to catch up on the project activity news you may have otherwise missed. 

For every new activity that occurs you can choose to receive:

- An alert as soon as it occurs (in-app notifications),

- An email as soon as it occurs, 

- A digest - once a day.

All of the notifications are still collected under your profile and you can check them out in the notification window (bell icon).




In the Notification settings, essential notifications are preset.

The Company module has a new notification “User requested to join your company

Notifications - text about activities throughout the notifications follows the same pattern.

Grouping notifications will be made by task/meeting/specification/plan code. A preview of the group notifications has been implemented.


When creating a Meeting Follow-up, Meeting administrators, participants, location, and address will be copied in the Follow-up Meeting.


Now you can filter specifications that have been sent in the selected delivery.

Adding a PDF file to a specification will be recorded in the history tab. The notification when a file has been added now provides a GO TO button.


The product URL field now opens a new tab.

The dropdown menu in the product configurator now groups parts according to brands.


The subject of all e-mails sent from the VOLUM3 has been changed for better and easier searching.



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/05 no.2


Filter  - Last modified

As of today, you can filter the set of working specifications by the date of the last change.

Just select Date from to allow the filter to easily search all the specifications. Any specification that has been changed will be highlighted.

If you want to know when certain specification updates have occurred, simply select the time interval dates.



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/05


Adding groups to tasks and meetings

As of today, you can add an entire group of users to a task with just one click.

On large projects, there is often the need to assign a task to a group of people. Choosing between 100 users is tedious and slow.

In the flyout of a task/meeting it is possible to quickly add participants, a whole team, a discipline or active members of a certain company to the project. 

  1. Members - a list of all of the participants that are working on the project. One by one, a participant is added to a task - name, surname (company).
  2. Teams (n) - teams that are working on the project. By selecting a team, all active team members are added to the task.
  3. Discipline (n) - disciplines that are working on the project. By selecting a discipline, all active members of that discipline are added to the task.
  4. Company (n) - companies working on the project. By selecting a company, all active company members are added to the task.

(n) indicates the number of people in the group


- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2022/04


Improved option to print a specification book

When printing specifications in the PDF settings window, you can choose between two options:

- print all (total number of specifications) 

- print selected (number of selected specifications).

Adding a new manufacturer/representative (inline editing)

When creating a specification, you can add a new manufacturer or representative with their contact information which will form part of the specification. This option is also available in the Address Book when creating a new contact.

Viewing added drawings, images, and files

For the users to be more aware of additional information that forms part of the specification, it is possible to turn on columns in the specification table and see how many images, files, drawings, and related specifications there are.

A similar function is available in the flyout specification where the number of attachments is seen in the tab header (number of attachments).

For describing specifications additional characters have been added

The number of characters for project instructions has been increased to 10,000.

Notifications for specifications

After sending a group of specifications from the Working to the Current set, users will receive only one notification and only one e-mail. In addition to the reduced number of notifications, the system has been significantly accelerated and improved.



- various bug fixes


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Release 2021/10


The Products Module is the newest module on our platform intended for manufacturers and architects.

Dear manufacturers, 

Showcase your products to key players in the architecture and construction fields. Describe your products by using key attributes and stand out amongst the competition. Forget about unanswered calls and tiring presentations and find out information on the latest projects before others.

Dear architects, 

Increase your productivity and time spent on designing instead of creating cost estimates and specifications from scratch, and constantly trying to organize documentation.
Find products in the VOLUM3 catalog, and with one click turn them automatically into specifications for your project.

For more information visit our blog or contact us at



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2021/07 on.2


Project Instruction

From now on you can describe your specifications directly in the specification flyout. The project instruction can be edited and translated into project languages just like the rest of the specification details. 

This type of instruction isn't stored in My Company Instructions but is duplicated by duplicating the specification. Unlike predefined instructions that have a predefined appearance on the PDF of the specification book, this instruction will be printed as you enter it (possible entry of instructions as hints, with a space, enter ...).

Specification Status: Ready for Delivery

Any specification you prepare for the Current set can now be marked as Ready for Delivery

When sending a delivery, by using the filter you will easily distinguish which specifications you have prepared for delivery and which are not yet ready. This status on the specification will be annulled the moment it is visible in the Current set.

Partner Phone Number

If your partners enter their phone numbers within their user profiles, you can now easily find them in Companies and Users - Partner Members. Of course, to make it easy for your partners to find your contacts, enter your phone number in Profile Settings.


Editing a Linked Specification

The specification you linked to the main specification can now be easily replaced with a new one or you can simply edit the current specification by modifying the description of the correlation with the main one.

Deleting a Deactivated User

Inactive users (who are no longer active on can now be easily removed from tasks, meetings, etc.

Tasks Export to Excel

If you export your tasks in Excel format, from now on you will be able to search your tasks table by the task ID which was not previously available.



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.


Release 2021/07


Dialect search 

From now on, VOLUM3 can search for native words that contain dialect characters such as šđžčć. Try right away 

My company members' phone number 

On Profile settings - Personal details, you can add your phone number to be displayed to everyone within your company under Companies and users - My Company Members.

Quick plans preview 

If you are viewing plans in a list view, by moving the cursor over the plans thumbnail, it will zoom in so you can quickly review the plan in question.

Link 2 or more tasks 

If you have a task that is closely related to another, you can now link them by a simple action. You can repeat this action on one task several times, i.e. you can connect as many tasks as you need.



An instruction on how to invite a non-existent user to the project has been added.

From now on, it is possible to search and filter projects by status, country, type, and size of the building.


By reviewing the list of tasks, if there are 2+ assignees per task, they will be recorded as a number in the task thumbnail.

When creating a task, from now on, the project and the stage you're in at that moment will be shown in the task-creation modal.


A warning and short remark will pop up when changing the details of the delivered plan.

In the Plans - list view, the column Plan number has been expanded. Now, the plan number is visible in its entirety.


The layout of the PDF specification book has been improved.

A warning and short remark will pop up when defining the main specification among the possible options.


E-mail addresses and phone numbers of members of your company can now be easily searched and sorted in the My Company Members section.



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2021/06


Clear all 

Before the fix, when searching through the Search bar, there wasn't an option to annul the searches. Now, the system has evened the filters and the search option, and is possible to Clear all filters and searches.


Copy the custom specification

Earlier, by copying the custom product specification, the new copy automatically became the specification for a ready-made product. Now, by copying such specifications, the copy itself retains the type "Custom product".

The link between specifications

A 'go-to' link, from the linked specification to the master specification, earlier wasn't functional - it hasn't led the user automatically from one specification to another. Now it functions well, and you can go from the linked specification to the master specification and reverse the process.



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.

Release 2021/05


Expand text

No more 3dot (...) text cuts, and now you can reveal all of the text in any field using the expand option.

Instructions Text input

The specification instruction text area now automatically expands while writing
a new instruction making it entirely visible at all times.

Add details to the Project properties

Now you can add Address, Country, Area, and Building type in the Project properties.

Pinned filters

Now you can pin the most frequently used filters to the toolbar.

Saved by the button

Every click on the X icon will save all entered data.

New filter in the Specification Module

Now you can filter specifications by new filter Options (Option/Main).



- various bug fixes


To see these changes you need to refresh your browser.


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