The latest version of the plan is delivered to your entire team in minutes.

Automatic handover lists

Always up to date

Easy and fast access to all information and plans

Measure, deep zoom and annotation tool

Pin issues directly to plan

Compare versions and easily track changes


Stay organised with Volum3. Easily track your due dates and responsibilities on projects.

Communicate with your team transparently and stay on top of your tasks.

Track changes and decisions

Create to-do lists and reports within a few clicks

Search and filter your tasks

Prioritize and check task status

Link your tasks to plans and meetings


Volum3 helps you keep everything in one place and use all information and tasks you already have on the platform to create a meeting.

Create agendas and meeting minutes

Easy grouping and rearranging your topics

Use contacts and tasks from the platform

Get a professional looking meeting report with one click

Attach and comment meeting topics

All notifications and emails are sent automatically


Specify your materials and products in one place, and connect it to rooms, tasks and bill of quantities. Use predefined forms and automatisation to do your job as efficiently as possible. Use products from the Product catalogue and add them to your project.

The product becomes a specification when added to the project

Predefined classification

Cooperation with manufacturers (eliminate errors)

Easily created and selectable options

Professionally formatted book of specifications

Product catalogue

Volum3 is your virtual showroom; keep catalogues, news and information available to users at all time. Direct contact and easy access to information on any product, without phone calls, e-mails or meetings.

Easily searchable database of categorized products

Products are always up to date and accurately described

Smart filters

Easily accessible product documentation

Add to a project with one click

Upcoming features


Enter your space allocation and track any changes to the smallest unit - room. Room data sheets, tracking budget changes, products and materials per room.


All created product and material specifications are automatically integrated into the BoQ. No excel, rewriting, wrong addition, errors. This kind of dynamic BoQ can easily be filtered, searched and analysed


Automated long-lasting and labour-intensive manual tendering procedure. Insured transparent procurement procedure. Simple bid comparison, simple repetition tendering procedure.