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Plan Upload

The workflow in the plans section is the following: 

1.Upload your plans on Plan upload  

2.Publish your plans to Working Set  

3.Deliver your plans to Current Set 

* if you have assigned approvers on the project, your plans need to be approved before they become visible in the current set.

Plans in working set are visible only to companies that created them - their team. 

Each new upload of the same plan is called version.

Plans in current set are visible to all participants in the project - all teams. 

Each new upload of the same plan is called revision.

Every version in working set does not need to be published to current set.

working setcurrent set


In order to upload plans to a specific stage on the project, you need to have editor rights. 
All plans are associated with a specific discipline/team on the project. Uploaded plans will become visible to your team.

Click on the + Upload Plans in the upper right corner. 
A creation wizard will pop up and you will be asked to choose a discipline/team

Since each editor can be a part of more than one team it is important to select the team. Make sure to also check the selected project name and stage.

Once the plan is uploaded the status will change from P - processing the plan to R - ready for publishing. 
If you are uploading many plans at once some of them will be marked as Q - queued for processing.

By clicking on the plan a flyout menu will appear. 

Before publishing plans to Working Set, all plans need to have a unique plan number, title and scale filled in. You can also zoom in and rotate the plan in the preview window and add tags on the plan to filter them by.

Once you are all set you can publish the plan by clicking on the publish icon in the flyout menu or in the main window. You can also select to publish multiple plans if they have all the information filled in. 

Published plans will move to Working Set and be ready for markups and tasks. 

The plans in the Working Set are still only visible to your team, not all teams on the project. 

Plan Upload with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a fast way of processing plans during upload. It reads the information directly from the plan and saves you a lot of time, especially if you have a large number of plans at once. 

To be able to use OCR during plan upload, you need to create a template.

In OCR Templates you can add new and edit existing templates. You need to choose a language and add a name to each template.

In OCR Template Settings you can adjust the green, red and blue fields and position them on the layout. 

Once you add your plans on Plan Upload and they are ready for publishing, you can select one or more plans and choose OCR selected plan/s from available actions.

You should then choose from the templates, and OCR will start and work in the background.

When OCR is done, all the information that was read by OCR will get an OCR icon next to them. You can edit this in plan properties if needed.

Working Set

The plans in your Working Set are ready for markup and tasks for you to start communicating with your team. 

By clicking on the plan it will open in the main window with a markup toolbar on the right. 

You can draw shapes and measure if you enetered the right scale

You can draw revision clouds

You can use freehand markers

You can also select and delete all markups

All markups are visible to everyone in the team, but can be edited and deleted only by the user who created them - except tasks. 

You can create a task that is private until you choose to change it to public. Go here to find out more about Tasks.

In plan properties you can edit plan properties, see plan history and upload new versions of the plan. 

Version numbers start from zero (v0). The version number is automatically incremented. (Each new version automatically gets the subsequent number v0, v1, v2...).

You can also download plan versions by clicking on the cloud icon next to each version.

If for some reason a plan is no longer in use you can change its status from active to cancelled. 

It will no longer be editable and you cannot change it to active. The plan will get a watermark PLAN CANCELLED.

You can also attach files to plan, in any format you need. You can download these files by clicking on the cloud icon next to them.

Once you have more than one version of the plan you can compare them by using the compare tool. 

You can turn on each version separately by clicking on the red or blue button. If you have more than two versions you can change the version you are comparing in the dropdown menu.

To move plans to Current Set you need to create a delivery. 

Once you decide your plans are ready for sharing with other teams on the project you need to deliver plans. You can deliver each plan separately or with multiple selection clicking on the delivery icon. 

You can either create a new delivery or add to an existing delivery (a draft delivery that hasn't been delivered yet) from the dropdown list. 

If you assigned approvers to project, plans will have to pass the approval process before appearing in the Current Set. If there are no approvers, plans will bypass the approval process and go directly to Current Set. 

All markups from your Working Set will not be visible in the Current Set, but the delivered plans will stay in your Working Set as well. 

You can continue to use markup tools in the Working Set and they will not become visible in the Current Set after a plan has been delivered.

All deliveries are visible in the Working Set list view as well as in the deliveries section.

Current Set

By uploading new versions of the plan in the Working Set and delivering them, you can create revisions of the plans in Current Set. You cannot deliver the same version of the same plan more than once. 

In plan properties you can view plan properties and plan revisions. Each plan that appears in the Current Set will get a subsequent revision number automatically. 

It is not possible to change or delete it, you can only upload a new revision.

Deliveries & Approvals

Delivery is a document containing a set of various plans. 
Once you create a delivery, it will become visible in the deliveries section. If you have created a draft of delivery it is visible only to your team and it will appear in My Team. 

You can add plans to existing delivery (draft) until you send it.

Once you choose to send the delivery it will change sent status from no to yes and become visible to other teams on the project. Sent deliveries are visible in your Public list. 

By clicking on the >> icon you can see all delivered plans.

If the discipline you are working in has an assigned approver, the plans will become visible in the Current Set only if they have been approved. 

The plan status can be pending, approved or rejected. 

The approver can decide to approve only a few plans from the delivery. In that case the rejected plans will go to your rejected list and the approved ones to the approved list and Current Set.