Navigating the Site

Navigation toolbar Accessing your personal settings Easily switch between projects & stages Page numbers and items per page Upload plans and create new projects and tasks Item Actions icon Grid view & list view Flyout menu Sort & select Search & filter Turn categories on/off Project translations Back to Help

Navigation toolbar

Use the toolbar on the left to navigate around the website and to access and manage your projects:

1. Project List
2. Project Settings
3. Plans
4. Tasks
5. Companies & Users

Use the icon next to the toolbar to show or hide the submenu. Click the question mark icon in the bottom left corner to access Help Centre.

Accessing your personal settings

Click on the icon in the upper right corner to manage your settings and to log out of the site. Choose between different sections in the navigation menu on the left. In the Personal Settings page, you can:

Manage your details

See your notifications

Click on the ringtone icon in the upper right corner to easily access this page and see your notifications.

Easily switch between projects & stages

When you click on the project name in the upper left corner, a drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to switch between projects. This is possible from the following sections: Project Settings, Teams, Plans, and Tasks.

When you click on the stage name in the upper left corner, a drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to switch between stages. This is possible from the following sections: Teams and Tasks.

Page numbers and items per page

In the page control bar on the bottom of the page, you can view and sort your data by pages. In the left corner of the bar, you can browse and select the current page. In the middle of the bar, you can switch pages. In the right corner of the bar, you can view and edit the number of items per page.

Upload plans and create new projects and tasks

In the upper right corner, you can find the plus (+) icon to quickly complete various actions, such as creating new projects and tasks and upload plans.

Item Actions icon

Click the Item Action icon (…) to access more options and complete various actions such as publishing a plan, delivery, export, delete, etc.

Grid view & list view

The grid view displays your items as thumbnail icons. In the list view, you can see the additional information about the project and you can sort your data by clicking on the title. Clicking on an item opens the menu with additional settings.

Flyout menu

By clicking on the item, a flyout menu will appear on the right side of the screen. In this menu, you can edit item information and perform specific actions, depending on the program section.

Sort & select

You can sort your projects, plans, tasks, and user lists in ascending or descending order by clicking on the preferred title. Click the Select Columns icon in the upper right corner and turn selected columns on/off to appear in the list view.

Search & filter


You can search for your projects and plans by keyword or part of a word. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner to enter the necessary data. 


Access filters by clicking the funnel icon in the upper right corner. 

To keep your frequently used filters on the toolbar, pin filter elements from the filter panel. 

To clear the selected filter options, use the Clear all action.
This resets the selected filter options without removing the filter from the toolbar.

To completely remove filters from the toolbar, simply Un-Pin them.

Turn categories on/off

You can turn categories in the submenu on and off by clicking on the mark next to the category. By clicking on All Tasks, you can turn them all on or off.

Project translations

You can enter project translations for users who use another language in the application by clicking on the icon next to the title. When users change the language in Profile Settings, they will see your translations. If there is no translation, they will see the original text.