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Release 2021/10

The Catalog is the newest module on our platform that is intended for manufacturers and architects.

Dear manufacturers, 

Showcase your products to key players in the architecture and construction fields. Describe your products by using key attributes and stand out amongst the competition. Forget about unanswered calls and tiring presentations and find out information on the latest projects before others.

Dear architects, 

Increase your productivity and time spent on designing instead of creating cost estimates and specifications from scratch and constantly trying to organize documentation.
Find products in the VOLUM3 catalog, and with one click turn them automatically into specifications for your project.

For more information visit our blog or contact us at [email protected]

Release 2021/07


Dialect search - from now on, VOLUM3 can search for native words that contain dialect characters such as šđžčć. Try right away :)

My company members phone number - on Profile settings - Personal details, you can add your phone number to be displayed to everyone within your company under Companies and users - My Company Members

Quick plans preview - if you are viewing plans in a list-view, by moving the cursor over the plans thumbnail, it will zoom in to quickly review the plan in question

Link 2 or more tasks - if you have a task that is closely related to another, you can now link them by a simple action. You can repeat this action on one task several times, i.e. you can connect as many tasks as you need



- The layout of the PDF specification book has been improved

- A warning and short remark will pop-up when defining the main specification among the possible options


- A warning and short remark will pop-up when changing the details of the delivered plan

- In the Plans - list-view, the column Plan number has been expanded; plan number is now visible in its entirety


- An instruction on how to invite a non-existent user to the project has been added

- From now on, it is possible to search and filter projects by status, country, type and size of the building


- By reviewing the list of tasks, if there are 2+ of assignees per task, they will be recorded as a number in the task thumbnail

- When creating a task, from now on, the project and the stage you're in at that moment will be shown in the task-creation modal 


- Email addresses and phone numbers of members of your company can now be easily searched and sorted in the My Company Members section


Minor bugfixes and additional minor performance improvements. 

Release 2021/07 no.2


Project Instruction - from now on you can describe your specifications directly in the specification flyout. The project instruction can be edited and translated into project languages just like the rest of the specification details. This type of instruction isn't stored in My Company Instructions, but is duplicated by duplicating the specification. Unlike predefined instructions that have a predefined appearance on the PDF of the specification book, this instruction will be printed as you enter it (possible entry of instructions as hints, with a space, enter ...)

Specification Status: Ready for Delivery - Any specification you prepare for the Current set can now be marked as Ready for Delivery. When sending a delivery, by using the filter you will easily distinguish which specifications you have prepared for delivery and which are not yet ready. This status on the specification will be annulled the moment it is visible in the Current set.

Partner Phone Number - if your partners enter their phone numbers within their user profiles, you can now easily find them in Companies and Users - Partner Members. Of course, to make it easy for your partners to find your contacts, enter your phone number in Profile Settings.



Editing a Linked Specification - the specification you linked to the main specification can now be easily replaced with a new one or you can simply edit the current specification by modifying the description of the correlation with the main one.

Deleting a Deactivated User - those users who are no longer active on, can now be easily removed from tasks, meetings ...

Tasks Export to Excel - if you export your tasks in Excel format, from now on you will be able to search your tasks table by the task ID which was not previously available


Other minor bugfixes and performance enhancements. 

Release 2021/06


Copy the custom specification - Earlier, by copying the custom product specification, the new copy automatically became the specification for a ready-made product. Now, by copying such specification, the copy itself retains the type "Custom product".

The link among specifications - A link ''go-to'', from linked to the master specification, earlier wasn't functional - it hasn't led the user automatically from one spec. to another. Now it functions and the user can go from the linked to the master specification and reverse by using their links. 


Clear all - Before the fix, when searching through the Search bar, there wasn't an option to annul the searches. Now, the system has evened the filters and the search option and is possible to Clear all filters and searches.

Other minor bugfixes and performance enhancements.

Release 2021/05


Pinned filters – user can now pin the most frequently used filters to the toolbar

Expand text action – no more 3dot (...) text cuts, user can reveal all of the text in any field using expand 

Saved by the button – every click on the X icon will save all the entered data

Add more details to the Project properties -  user can now add Address, Country, Area, Building type in the Project properties

New Filter in Specification module – added filter by Options (Option/Main)

Instructions text input – specification instruction textarea now automatically expands while writing a new instruction making it entirely visible at all times 


Minor Bug fixes and performance enhancements