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VOLUM3 – we are out of beta!

VOLUM3 – we are out of beta!

We have spent the past couple of months working on and testing the new version of Volum3 platform. After this intense period of testing by a large number of beta users - we are ready for the official release!

Volum3 is created from the need for a unique tool, a platform that would finally allow architects, engineers, investors and everyone involved in the process of making architecture to work and collaborate easier, more reliable and more efficient.

Volum3 is staying fast and stable - all your data is backed up, projects and documents are available anywhere, anytime, from different types of devices.
Your user data, documents and projects are not changing with the official release - the login process and the way you use Volum3 are staying the same. This is the new link you can use to access the platform:

The old link you used to access the platform ( will stay active, you will be automatically redirected to the new address.
If you find any bugs or usage issues please send your feedback to [email protected]