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Select your notification settings with just a few clicks!

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Select your notification settings with just a few clicks!

We know it can be annoying to receive multiple notifications in you inbox, so we added a new option in VOLUM3. You can now control what notifications you receive in your e-mail inbox and in the app. Simply go to your profile settings in the app and click on the “Notification settings”. You can see your current settings there, and choose which notifications you want to receive. The default settings are our suggestion for the optimal functioning of the app, feel free to customize them to your needs.

Some notifications will always arrive in your inbox – they are vital for your work in VOLUM3. These are notifications about your company or team membership activity, notifications about a new collaborator, team member or an update of your partners list, and notifications about changes to your password. All notifications are synchronized, if you read them in your email they will be automatically marked as read in the application.

During these times of crisis and work from home VOLUM3 enables you to communicate seamlessly with your entire team and access all your data, wherever you are. In addition, our customer service is at your disposal for any questions or concerns. All scheduled presentations and trainings are regularly held online.