Project Management Awards 2022

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Project Management Awards 2022

We are proud to present the finalists of the "Best Project" category, where nominated "Alpha Centauri Campus Zagreb", under the leadership of Emil Ferjančić, was completely realized using VOLUM3 collaboration platform.

The Infobip campus is the first project where a collaboration platform VOLUM3 was used for communication and project management from the development, design, and construction stages, where VOLUM3 brought together 35 companies that participated in the building process.

Every day, 139 users joined the platform and by creating (and completing) more than 1700 individual tasks, they generated more than 200 meeting minutes. More than 1200 plans were made, without revisions, and their delivery (together with complete documentation) was submitted through VOLUM3.

In step with the traditional, the biggest advantage of agile methods, which came to life with the inclusion of the VOLUM3 platform in the implementation of the project, was manifested in the involvement of the client - deliveries that the client can review and give their feedback happened much earlier (and more often) than usual professional practice.

This approach was fully supported by the VOLUM3 collaboration platform with the modules Projects, Tasks, Meetings, and Plans, through which it enabled a better overview of activities, a faster and better decision-making process, the completion of tasks on time, detailed reporting, and all this raised the overall satisfaction of all project stakeholders and reduced the risk of failure.

The Zagreb campus of the company Infobip, whose architectural solution is signed by 3LHD, was opened and presented to the public at the end of April 2022. Construction began in September 2019, the building process was completed at the end of 2021. The investor engaged PDM Consulting d.o.o., for the performance of professional - financial supervision and consulting services during the construction phase.

With the opening of the largest innovation center in the world, the Alpha Centauri campus, Infobip firmly placed Zagreb and Croatia in the leading position of the technology industry in this part of Europe.

Project Management Awards 2022 ceremony, eight in a row organized by IPMA Croatia and Young Crew Croatia, for the most outstanding projects and their managers and researchers, will be held in the Emerald Hall of the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel on December 20, 2022.