VOLUM3 collaboration platform

We are here to successfully Connect People, Communication, and Data in one convenient place - a Place where Digital Data overcome disadvantages of the Real world.

An online interface that brings together different users

... architects, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and investors now can collaborate together on the same project; using strong Task engine, Plan module with fast upload zoom and compare tool. 

A place where project created from scratch comes to life

We decided to create something that brings all the best features we're using in lots of apps, into a collaborative platform

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Request an account right now for free and follow your project's development in real time.

Simplified export and print of updated plans and documents

Every change is entered in only one place, all documents and plans are updated and ready for export.

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Application features

Project management

Projects, Stages, Disciplines, Teams
Reduce clutter and tightly manage the workflow.
Share sensitive information with only the right people and keep detailed records of your work history.

Plan Management

Fast upload, deep zoom, markup, share, deliver, approve, comment
All the relevant information is right on your plans, at your fingertips

Task management

Pindrop task, track, manage
Track defects, inspection notes, design coordination… Single/multiple assignees and followers, stakeholders accountable 

Product Catalogue

Browse through millions of materials and products, contact manufacturers, request samples, add to project


Specify materials and products in detail, Colaborate, Estimate and create Spec book with one click

Cost Estimate

Create and deliver, Connect with Spec book and Room plans