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VOLUM3 at the 56th Zagreb Salon of Architecture and Urbanism

VOLUM3 was presented on Friday, December 17, with a lecture by Marko Dabrović at the 56th Zagreb Salon of Architecture and Urbanism as part of the session "From line to the system - architecture of global production flows". In addition to the lecture, Marko also participated in a round table dedicated to the same topic, together with Saša Begović, Tomislav Knezović, and Ivan Rupnik.

On the topic of the evening: “In the last century, the production line has evolved into a global, complex logistics and infrastructure system within which the production and distribution of goods often take place simultaneously and autonomously. A century after the Arts and Crafts movement, in the era of planetary, algorithmically driven production, questions about the relationship between man and machine, aesthetics, ethics, and the materiality of production processes are relevant again. ”

The VOLUM3 platform was created by the synergy of enthusiasm and real needs of the architectural office, in response to communication problems that arise during design and construction. The biggest challenge of today's cooperation in design and construction is the growing amount of information generated and shared by large amounts of experts involved. The responsibility of architects and engineers is great, the complexity of projects is growing, and with them the need for timely communication and access to information.