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Laufen and VOLUM3's Event: Future of Design and Sustainability

VOLUM3, with the support of Laufen, one of the world's leading manufacturers of sanitary ware, recently orchestrated an exclusive event for architects and interior designers.
The event, held on Friday, December 8th, took place in the charming place of the former Cinema Urania and welcomed around 50 guests.
The evening began with a presentation by the Laufen team, led by Stela Jurišić, who shared insights into the latest developments within the Roca Group, covering Royo's furniture, Sanit's solutions, and Alape's glazed steel innovations.
The journey through Laufen's history highlighted milestones such as the first hanging toilet in 1964 and the Saphirkeramik. Innovations like the SAVE! smart sanitation and the electric tunnel kiln for sanitary ceramics made us all think about biodiversity and the future, emphasizing Laufen's commitment to sustainability.

A screening of a short film showcased the world's first operational electric tunnel kiln, signaling the industry's shift towards sustainability. Laufen's commitment to achieving net-zero production set a new standard for environmental responsibility.

Stela also discussed Laufen’s successful collaboration with architects and designers through VOLUM3’s Product Catalog in the last year, presenting the brand's ten most popular products.
She introduced attendees to new collections, including Arun, Lis Ineo, Ada, and Home Collection, reflecting Laufen's commitment to aesthetic excellence and functional innovation.

The event took an interactive turn with Laufen Bespoke, unveiling tailor-made products covering the entire range and all manufacturing techniques, from laser-printed ceramics to customized colors and surface finishes.


In the second part of the event, Marko Dabrović, a partner at Studio 3LHD covered essential topics like sustainability and embodied carbon, reflecting VOLUM3’s commitment to supporting responsible architecture and decarbonisation.

The event showcased design innovation and sustainability, leaving attendees inspired and informed. Laufen Adria Team and VOLUM3's collaboration not only showcased innovative products but also paved the way for a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing future.

As the evening concluded, it left an indelible mark on the minds of the attendees, setting the stage for future endeavors that promise to redefine the boundaries of design and sustainability.